You need people to build a human-centered brand.

In a world that runs on Slack channels and Skype calls, we believe that we need to infuse our branding initiatives with in-person sessions and dialogue. Our goal is to help you build something that will matter, which means giving your brand process the focus it needs and the implementation it deserves.


Meet The Production Method.

We start with a 12 week intensive that forges a purpose-driven brand strategy and corresponding identity. It is then followed by 9 months of ongoing strategic support to implement that brand internally and externally.

By concentrating your efforts at the beginning, and leading a thoughtful implementation, we help keep you consistently focused on the task at hand which will not only produce stronger, more rooted results, but will cause the process to take less time overall.



Intensive - 12 Weeks

Weekly Working Session + Optional Open Office Hours + Virtual Friday Process Meetings

The intensive features weekly working sessions supported by outside reflection and input. We also have open office hours for you to work with us in our space, providing a unique opportunity for focus and cross-connection.

Our weekly check-in meetings keep it all humming.


Implementation - 9 Months

Internal Alignment + Internal Roll Out + External Roll Out

This method isn’t just about delivering a more human-centered brand -- it’s also about our clients getting the most out of us.

That’s why we’ve built ongoing strategic support right into the process. It will help ensure that your actions align with the “why” behind the dynamic brand we create.


The in-person working sessions as well as the open office hours would be hosted in our space. For those clients coming to us from out of the area, we would supplement with video conferencing.


Why did we decide to do this?

We wanted to find a more human way to build a human brand. Learn more about where the model came from and what problems we hope to solve.


Who is this for?

As always, we work with doers, both in companies and nonprofits, but the people who will come to the table will likely be:

  • Founders

  • C-Suite Leaders

  • Brand & Marketing Teams

  • Dedicated Staff

  • Community Leaders

Since too many participants can muddle the conversation, we’ve designed this program for 4-6 stakeholders. Choose people who can bring valuable insights and expertise about your business and who get what your brand and company culture is all about.


What do you walk away with?

  • Purpose

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Core Values

  • People Persona

  • Value Proposition

  • Difference

  • Team Persona

  • Story

  • Customer Validation

  • Brand Identity

  • Internal Organization Alignment

  • Internal and External Roll Out

  • Strategic Advising

  • Plan for Ongoing Support


We want your brand to matter.

By putting in the time to develop your purpose and then, with our guidance, properly implement it throughout your organization, you will save hundreds of hours in aimless debates, misaligned efforts, and endless rebrands.

You will be able to move ahead with intentionality, aligning the products you make, the images you use, the partners you cultivate, and every action you take with why you matter. Talk about making impact with every move.