Because your brand should matter.

Because your brand should matter.

We’re a purpose-driven branding firm. That means we focus on how you impact the world for the better and embed that meaning into everything you do. We particularly like to work with ventures solving specific, human problems. To do so, we’ve created an agile culture that’s committed to intelligent, authentic work.


This is our purpose.

We’re here to advance brands that have the potential to make tangible change, as well as those that simply do good work every day.


We’re purpose-driven.

Purpose is your why: why you exist, why you do what you do, and why what you do matters. We believe having a clearly articulated purpose is essential, and we use it as a guide to align your brand and your venture.

We’re story-centric. 

Stories exist as one of the most powerful enzymes in the human condition. They spark imagination, connection, and exploration. We will help you tell your story adeptly, specifically, and honestly.

We’re intentional.

Every aspect of a company’s identity, whether verbal or visual, should be acutely tied to their purpose. We value a thoughtful approach that facilitates impeccable intentionality and simplicity.

We’re collaborative. 

We understand the complexity of multiple parts coming together to form one cohesive whole. By utilizing a process-oriented approach with defined roles and responsibilities, we can work together to produce the best results. We put your vision first and collaborate with you to bring it to life. 


Katie Burkhart
Founder and Lead Brand Strategist


Lolly Spindler
Content Manager 


Erin Scott
Executive Assistant & Mission Control


Alicia Lazzaro
Content Writer


Tracey Westgate


Jackson Miller
Graphic Designer


Dana Fleck


Eileen Smith Dallabrida
Content Writer


We also work with a network of partners who specialize in other key areas. Take a look at who we know and reach out if you need an introduction.