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Getting a new start-up off the ground.


DadBrunch fosters quality time between dads and their kids. They do so through a digital platform that helps dads find and attend events with their kids. Our challenge centered on developing a brand that felt distinctly "Dad" rather than "Mom." We also needed to establish a visual identity that had plenty of room to scale. That drove us to explore iconography and a carefully developed tone.

dadbrunch image2.jpg

We created a user interface design for their platform that spilled out into the rest of their website. We also developed a visual identity through a strong, custom icon style, which springboarded from an illustration the founders had created of a dad with kids.

dadbrunch image3-01-01.jpg

Project Deliverables

We developed a brand identity; designed a custom set of icons; created a brand guidebook; designed a user interface for the platform and a matching website design; and executed key brand messaging and storytelling.