You need to be able to tell your story.

To get your company off the ground, you need to be able to tell people about it in a way that engages them. That includes potential investors, team members, co-founders, and of course, the community you serve. A strong core brand strategy can help you.


It’s a one day workshop.

We know founders are busy, so we did our best to concentrate our efforts.

The process starts with facilitated, pre-session work you can complete on your own. Your responses will be shared with our team one week before the workshop so we can prepare for the discussion. The workshop is held in person at our office. We spend three hours in session, take a one hour lunch (on us), and spend three more hours putting it all together.

One week after the workshop, we will provide you with a final, documented summary.


Who is this for?

This workshop is specifically for early stage startups who may not yet be ready for a full branding initiative. The people who will come to the table will likely be:

  • The Founders

  • The CMO

  • Dedicated Staff

Since too many participants can muddle the conversation, we’ve designed this program for 4-6 stakeholders. Choose people who can bring valuable insights and expertise about your business and who get what your brand and company culture is all about.


What do you walk away with?

  • Purpose

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Core Values

  • People Persona

  • Value Proposition

  • Suggestions for Next Steps


If you’re looking to start a funding round or bring on team members, having your story in place will make all the difference.