Because your brand should matter.

It’s about what you do and why.

Your brand is a series of consistent decisions that demonstrate what you stand for. You should be able to take any business decision  - HR, sales, communications, operations, PR, product -  filter it through your brand, and arrive at an answer rooted in your purpose. That's why we take a more analytic approach that provides a core logic for leaders to follow.


Develop a strategy.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you refine and grow your brand, look no further. We roll up our sleeves and invest in helping you make intentional decisions that will move your venture forward, all while driving back to the ‘why’ that got you started in the first place. 

Specifically, strategic services can include:

  • Strategic Direction

  • Creative Direction

  • Storytelling Platform 

  • Process and Systems Design

In the form of advising hours, we work with leaders to provide ongoing strategic guidance as they continue to expand their work. 


Define your core.

Our primary focus lies in helping you discover your purpose and in creating a corresponding vision, mission, and set of values - as well as the brand story that brings it all together. In addition to defining your purpose, we collaborate with you to execute the alignment, determine your impact strategy, and share the logic with your team.  

We work with organizations in longer-term arrangements to run the full initiative, or we also offer our Core Workshop as a one-day process for smaller teams. 


Design your brand.

We have years of experience creating visual brands for clients, and we're exacting and specific in our storytelling. We do not develop brand identities without a strategy in place. 

Brand identity initiatives can include name generation and logo design, as well as the rest of the visual identity.

you-x-ventures-CDq4ChZouXw-unsplash (1).jpg

Design - everything else.

Design is our backbone and a thread that runs through most of our other work. And we’re known for getting things done.

Specifically, we handle:

  • Digital Design

  • Print Design

  • Presentation Design

  • Website Design (Squarespace Circle Member)

  • Photography


Put metrics in place to measure what matters.

Tracking impact is tricky, especially when you’re trying to dig into your specific purpose. You want to produce transparent, comprehensive results. We can collaborate with you to explore your purpose and your activities in order to produce metrics you can clearly track year-over-year. We offer this service in partnership with our sister company, Illumyne.


Tell a better story.

We work collaboratively with internal teams to tackle the more complex written pieces that build and establish a brand. That includes:

  • Key Messaging Development

  • Narrative Development

  • Feature Story Writing

  • Interviews


Work with us.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for help in one of these areas right now or more than one over a long period of time. We will work with you to develop a plan that makes the most of what we bring to the table so you can better advance your mission.