We’re a purpose-driven branding firm.

If you’re passionate about why you matter, read on.


This is a tangram.

A tangram is a puzzle made of five triangles, a square, and a rhomboid. The pieces can be combined to form many different shapes.  


We see your brand as a tangram.

Every brand uses the same blocks to create itself. It’s the specific arrangement that sets yours apart from the others, and every piece must fit.


We align your brand around your purpose.

We want to know why you're here, and why you matter. We then tell your specific, authentic story and use it as a guide to put the pieces together just right.


We keep it simple.

We value simplicity in branding and design, going over and over our work until there’s nothing left to be removed - it’s exactly what it needs to be. Like a tangram, it’s so simple, it’s challenging.


We work with doers.

Our clients are dedicated to making genuine impact, often launching their vision on their own. We help them to scale sustainably.


We collaborate right alongside you.

We work with you as an integral member of the process. Your vision is central and we meet you on even ground. 


…and we are the borg.

Well, not really. But we have a great collective of team members and partners to help build, launch and grow your brand.


We’re here because your brand should matter.

You don’t have to know how it all fits together. The beauty of working with us is that we’ve done this before. We’ll start with a meeting and get to know each other. We’ll learn about your current efforts and frustrations, your ultimate goals, and what impact you want to make on the world. Then, we’ll work through the process - together.